World Oil Magazine November 2013 Issue

World Oil Magazine 11/2013 edition - free subscription World Oil magazine for November 2013 edition has been released. You can read latest news on oil and gas exploration, drilling and production sector in this issue. Special focus for this month are Managed pressure drilling technologies deployed for deepwater and HPHT well control in Indonesia and Reliability of openhole sidetrack operations improved in challenging plays.


3D geomechanical modeling, wellbore stability analysis improve field’s performance
As demonstrated in a field onshore Oman, utilization of 3D geomechanical modeling can identify problems in the potential wellbore path that can make the difference between financial success and failure at the wellsite

40 years later: Legacies of the 1973 oil crisis persist
On the 40th anniversary of the 1973 Arab oil crisis, the after-effects of the upheaval still linger in policies and attitudes across the global oil and gas industry.

Assumptions from reservoir simulation have big impact on hydrofrac results
Hydraulic fractures can enhance well productivity, ultimate recovery and economics. Although reservoir simulation can quantify hydrofrac performance, simulation outcomes vary.

Harsh, complex formations, longer laterals drive innovation
Efficient drilling of challenging intervals has been a limiting factor to the economic development of a large amount of hydrocarbon reserves. However, from a drilling standpoint, the objectives remain the same …

Intelligent tracers quantify in-flow characteristics in multi-zone horizontal wells
Crude oil producers are responding to the reservoir management challenges of multi-zone horizontal wells with intelligent tracers that quantify inflow distribution on a zone-by-zone basis.

Large-bore, HP tubing-retrievable safety valves qualified for gas wells
The world’s first 95/8-in., 10,000-psi-rated, tubing-retrievable subsurface safety valves were qualified for use in two major high-pressure, non-associated gas discoveries offshore Saudi Arabia

Modular reed valves improve efficiency for gas gathering and distribution
A new valve design for reciprocating gas compressors has been shown to deliver compressor power savings in pipeline transmission applications, increase reliability by a factor of two and reduce inventories by at least 80%.

Proppant with ultra-high strength, sphericity and smoothness for fracing deepwater tight sands
A new, high-Alumina proppant, pelletized through a proprietary manufacturing process, provides ultra-high strength, spherical shape and smoothness, and twice the baseline conductivity of bauxite proppant, to meet the requirements of deepwater Lower Tertiary fracing.

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World Oil magazine is the leading magazine in oil and gas exploration, drilling and production, providing readers with information on offshore and onshore operations worldwide.

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