World Oil Magazine May 2014 Issue

World Oil Magazine 05/2014 edition - free subscription. The May issue of World Oil magazine will take a special look at first enclosed-trough solar steam generation pilot for EOR applications. Other articles cover latest news on oil and gas exploration, drilling and production sector.


Broadband seismic improves reservoir understanding without detailed well control
The seismic industry constantly seeks to improve the contribution of seismic data to the upstream E&P workflow.

Collaboration delivers first Lower Tertiary smart completion system
Petrobras and Baker Hughes collaborated to accomplish the industry’s first intelligent well completion in the deepwater Lower Tertiary Wilcox formation under HPHT (>250°F and >19,000 psi) conditions at a water depth exceeding 8,200 ft and a 26,000-ft TVD.

Brazil becoming land of opportunity for skilled oil, gas workers
In Brazil, mind-boggling financial figures for oil and gas E&P, along with a severe shortage of skilled personnel, are opening up opportunities for expats.

How R&D outsourcing frees up resources
Facing technical challenges and escalating costs, operators are tasking oilfield service (OFS) companies to reduce well construction and production costs.

Hydraulic jet pumps prove worth for lifting early production
Although they were once relegated to frac flowback operations, jet pumps are now showing potential as an artificial lift method to maximize production potential.

Regional Report: Latin America
Future growth depends on more investment, improved technology from Mexico to Brazil and Chile.

ShaleTech: Canadian Shales
Tight oil dominates, but gas showing some signs of life

Social media texting merges with RACI to enhance project management
Every oilfield project has formal and informal communication structures that impact its success.

What’s new in artificial lift?
Part 1: In this first of two monthly reports, the authors highlight innovations in beam/rod pumping, linear lift, hydraulic piston pumps and hydraulic jet pumps.

World Oil Magazine May 2014 Issue – Free subscription

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About World Oil Magazine :
World Oil magazine is the leading magazine in oil and gas exploration, drilling and production sector. It provides latest information on offshore and onshore operations worldwide as well as technical, research and statistics for its readers.

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