World Oil Magazine March 2014 Issue

World Oil Magazine 03/2014 cover The March issue of World Oil magazine will take a special look at automated MPD enables drilling of an “impossible” well in Mexico’s Veracruz basin. Other articles cover latest news on oil and gas exploration, drilling and production sector.


Gabon tests confirm LWD formation pressure tool assures data quality, improves efficiency
Logging-while-drilling technology was proven successful in accurately measuring and testing formation pressure in a field onshore Gabon.

Greener completions advance in the Marcellus
An operator and service company collaborate to lower emissions and boost efficiencies during hydraulic fracturing operations through the use of bi-fuel fracing pumps and greener frac fluids.

Mexican energy reform is a historic opportunity for change
Pemex has held a monopoly on Mexico’s oil and gas industry for more than 70 years.

Regional Report: East Africa
Despite lackluster exploration results over the preceding decades, East Africa is beginning to emerge as an increasingly important hydrocarbon province.

Selectively retrievable CT whipstock provides flexibility without losing production
Deployed on coiled tubing (CT) or wireline, a retrievable whipstock packer and latch system has reduced the number of trips required for total tool removal, while retaining the flexibility to leave the packer in the wellbore, thus ensuring continued flow of production

ShaleTech: Mississippi Lime
High technology meets low cost

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