Why Business Intelligence Applications Succeed Where BI Tools Fail

Business Intelligence ebook PDFThis white paper provides insight into the top four worst practices for business intelligence. It also provides guidance on how to avoid or overcome worst practices in order to tap into the true power of BI.

Many common threads, or “worst practices”, can be found in tracking mediocre results, and even failure, in the implementation of BI software over the years. The top-four worst practices for BI include:

  • Assuming a data warehouse will solve all information access and delivery requirements
  • Allowing Excel to become the default BI “platform”
  • Assuming the average business user has the know-how or the time to use BI tools
  • Selecting a BI tool without a specific business need

By reading this white paper, you will have a solid understanding of how to avoid BI failure and achieve success with your BI initiatives.

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