Waste Management World Magazine September 2012

waste magazine september 2012

Feature Articles

Innovations in Renewable Chemicals
Innovative new technology is being developed to extract, purify and process a vast reservoir of high value chemicals and compounds from biowastes for use in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

MAN About Town
Truck and bus manufacturer, MAN has developed a new hybrid concept vehicle specifically designed to meet operational demands in an urban environment. WMW was the first to get a look behind the scenes.

Seeking New Markets
Volker Harms, president of German-based Moba Mobile Automation discusses what you should be looking for in fleet management systems with WMW.

Recycling Focus

Nappy Recycling
Over a million tonnes of nappy waste is currently produced each year in the UK alone. One company in the Midlands is recycling fiber and plastics from this abundant waste stream.

Plasma Arc Recycling of PGMs
With on in four of all products manufactured requiring platinum group metals in some regard, the importance of recycling these valuable metals in increasing.

SMMART Waste Management in Taiwan
An impressive 99.99% of all MSW generated in Taiwan is now being properly treated, with 40% of it being recycled. But Taiwan is determined its sustainable materials management systems can do better.

RMW Show Review
The recent RWM in Partnership with CIWM exhibition in Birmingham, UK proved a hot bed of product and policy launches, WMW brings you some of the highlights.

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About Waste Management World Magazine:
Waste Management World delivers the latest news and global developments from across the industry. Articles report on international projects, best practices, technological developments, trends and legislation. Each issue covers biological waste treatment, collection and transport, recycling and waste minimization, sanitary landfill and thermal treatment of waste.

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