Waste Management World Magazine January-February 2012

waste managemen world cover jan-feb2012Waste Management World magazine for January-February 2012 edition has been released. You can read latest news on global waste management industry such as report on international projects, best practices, technological developments, trends and legislation in this issue. Here are feature articles for this month.

Waste & Water: The Perfect Partners?
Following an Office of Fair Trade Market Study into Organic Waste Treatment Services, which highlights how to increase efficiency and competition in the market for sewage sludge and other organic waste treatment, exciting opportunities are emerging for waste companies. Charlotte Morton explains.

TALKING HEADS: Digesting Biofuel Drivers
With waste feedstocks playing an increasingly important role in sustainable biofuel production, Waste Management World asks some of the industry’s leaders from around the world what they see as the biggest opportunities and drivers in the market, and how that has been influenced by the policies of governments.

Maximising Value Making the Most of Biowaste
Over the past decade the subject of biowaste, as well as waste in general, has been receiving increased attention. One of the main drivers for this change is rising eco-awareness and the need for more efficient consumption. But waste related innovation is not only fuelled by ecological and social motivations, ultimately it is often the economic side of the balance that is decisive.

Biowaste: Dry ADvice
Dry anaerobic digestion has advantages such as higher biogas yield per unit volume of digester, but suffers from long retention time and slow start-up. Ajay Kumar Jha explains some optimisation techniques.

Waste to Energy and the Celtic Tiger
The development of waste infrastructure in Ireland has often proved controversial and problematic.

Gasification: Refining Safety
Gasification is the process by which solid organic matter is converted into a highly flammable synthesis gas in a partially oxidising environment.

Paper Recycling: Nurturing Success
The critical achievement for the European paper industry has been to voluntarily involve nearly the whole value chain in efforts to enhance environmental performance, recycling and recyclability.

E-Waste Exports: An Inconvenient Truth?
As the developed world begins to be make meaningful efforts to curtail the export of e-waste, ISRI has controversially claimed that legislation to restrict exports are unnecessary and counter productive.

A Vision of the Future – Available Now – New player, Banke Accessory Drives launches ‘Plug-in’ Hybrid system
To be honest, Rasmus Banke doesn’t look like a ‘mad professor’. In fact, my hair is wilder than his.

Italian Innovation at Ecomondo
There are larger waste and recycling sector trade shows. There may also be several that claim to be more ‘International’.

Cutting Carbon Emissions with Coal Ash
The potency of methane as a greenhouse gas (GHG) is well known, especially by the waste industry, which in many countries has taken significant steps to mitigate its impact over recent years.

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About Waste Management World Magazine :
Waste Management World delivers the latest news and global developments from across the industry. Articles report on international projects, best practices, technological developments, trends and legislation. Each issue covers biological waste treatment, collection and transport, recycling and waste minimization, sanitary landfill and thermal treatment of waste.

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