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Going Live – India’s First C&D Recycling Plant
India produces 10 to 15 million tonnes of Construction & Demolition waste annually. The traditional practice in India is to dispose of this waste in landfills. Faced with with growing environmental concerns and a lack of landfill space, the country’s first C&D waste recycling facility has opened.

Coolsweep Shining a Light on the Global WtE Hotspots
The EU funded COOLSWEEP project seeks to support research driven partnerships between leading European stakeholders within waste to energy. The first outcome has been a comprehensive report on the global status of four different energy recovery sectors.

Tech Comparison: Fleet Management
Modern fleet management systems are capable of much more than simply calculating the optimum collection route. A number of systems can manage vehicle servicing schedules, measure bin and load weights and record customer service issues in real time.

Landfill Mining: Goldmine or Minefield?
As societies move waste management practices up the hierarchy towards recovery, recycling and re-use, we are still left with the environmental legacy associated with the historic use of landfill. In parallel, as resources have become scarcer and we increasingly recognise the value in wastes, attention has focused on landfill mining.

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