Vision Systems Design November 2013 Issue

Get your free subscription to Vision Systems Design 11/2013 edition - Here is new edition of Vision Systems Design magazine November 2013. In this issue, you can read latest news and development on machine-vision systems design and image-processing analysis. Here are feature articles for this month.


Worldwide Industrial Camera Directory
Take a look at our camera directory, featuring 33 pages of worldwide industrial cameras and camera products.

Imaging Software: Algorithm compensates for simple lens aberrations
Modern imaging optics are complex and may contain up to two dozen optical elements to compensate for geometric distortion, spherical and chromatic aberration and coma.

Image Sensors: Neuromorphic vision sensors emulate the human retina
Although significant advances have been made in digital image sensor technology over the past thirty years, most of today’s CMOS and CCD designs do not approach the biological sophistication of the human retina or human visual system.

Camera Interfaces: USB 3.0 challenges mainstream camera interface standards
The dizzying number of competing camera interface standards might leave many engineers wondering which one, if any, might emerge over the next few years as a clear leader.

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About Vision Systems Design Magazine:
Vision Systems Design Magazine is main resource for engineers who research, design, develop, manufacture, and integrate components and subsystems for machine-vision systems and image-processing and analysis. The magazine focuses 100% on designing or integrating image-capture, processing, storage, transmission or output products for a wide range of scientific, medical industrial and military/aerospace applications.

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