Vision Systems Design Magazine June 2012

Vision Systems Design June 2012 CoverHere is new edition of Vision Systems Design magazine June 2012. You can read latest news and development on vision systems design and image-processing analysis in this issue. Here are feature articles for this month.

Integration Insights
3-D Scanner Images Dental Molds
Combining structured lighting, smart optics, and software, a 3-D scanner provides dental technicians with a faster way to image dental molds and thereby produce perfect prosthetic teeth
By Andrew Wilson

Industry Solutions Profile
Vision System Tracks Trouble with Trains
Developing imaging systems for the transportation industry requires modification of off-the-shelf machine-vision components and custom software for unusual conditions
By Kambiz Nayebi

Product Focus
Vision Software Blends into Food Processing
To improve the quality and processing time of their products, food producers are turning to automated machine-vision systems leveraging off-the-shelf software
By Andrew Wilson

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Geographic Eligibility: North America, Asia, Europe, South & Central America, Caribbean

About Vision Systems Design Magazine:
Vision Systems Design Magazine is main resource for engineers who research, design, develop, manufacture, and integrate components and subsystems for machine-vision systems and image-processing and analysis. The magazine focuses 100% on designing or integrating image-capture, processing, storage, transmission or output products for a wide range of scientific, medical industrial and military/aerospace applications.

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