Vision Systems Design February 2014 Issue

Vision Systems Design 02/2014 edition - Free subscription Keep update with latest news and development on machine-vision systems design and image-processing analysis through Vision Systems Design – February 2014 edition. Here are featured articles for this month.


Robot vision system picks stem cells
Under certain conditions, stem cells can be induced to become other types of cell such as blood or muscle cells though a process known as differentiation. Because of this, scientists and researchers can use them to regenerate diseased or damaged tissue.

Lighting controllers for machine vision applications
Increasing the contrast of image features often results in reduced image processing software overhead and thus increased system performance. To do so requires an understanding of the product being inspected and the type of lighting required to achieve this task.

Medical wells scrutinized by high-speed automated vision system
A high-speed vision system uses five cameras and a variety of lighting techniques to inspect medical device wells for defects

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About Vision Systems Design Magazine:
Vision Systems Design Magazine is main resource for engineers who research, design, develop, manufacture, and integrate components and subsystems for machine-vision systems and image-processing and analysis. The magazine focuses 100% on designing or integrating image-capture, processing, storage, transmission or output products for a wide range of scientific, medical industrial and military/aerospace applications.

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