The Future of Business: Supply Chains

Free ebook - Supply ChainsDownload this ebook to learn how to use data and analytics to make supply chains more connected and agile.

As a supply chain manager, you certainly have your hands full these days. You’re charged with finding ways to boost profits and competitive advantage, even while cycle times are shrinking and customers are demanding faster product development and delivery.

To handle it, some of your peers are employing new and better supply chain collaboration tools, including cloud technologies, innovative forecasting tools, comprehensive analytics, “what if” visualization tools, and the inherent intelligence of business networks. Download this new white paper from The Economist Intelligence Unit to learn how they’re:

  • Forecasting better and meeting global market demands
  • Engaging in collaborative decision-making with trading partners
  • Increasing supply chain resilience and mitigating risk
  • Accurately anticipating and responding to supply chain issues
  • Finding diverse new sources of supply
  • Understanding past and current supply chain events more clearly

Free Download “The Future of Business: Supply Chains” Ebook

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