Smartphone Buying Guide 2014: 7 Things You Need to Know

Smartphone buying guide 2014 cover Download this guide to learn how to choose the right smartphone for your need between Android phone, iOS (iPhone), Windows Phone, and BlackBerry.

And then there were three. With BlackBerry struggling, most consumers are now deciding among Android, iOS (iPhone) and Windows Phone.

You should be picky when it comes to buying a smartphone. After all, you two are going to be doing everything together, from capturing hundreds of photos and playing games to social networking, texting and email. And of course, you’ll be making phone calls, too. But with multiple operating systems, screen sizes and carriers all screaming for your attention, picking the right device can feel like an endless maze. But it doesn’t have to.

Download this guide and use these seven tips to make the right call on your next smartphone.With this download you will also receive free weekly coverage on the latest technology news and developments from Laptop Magazines eNewsletter.

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