Site Prep Magazine October 2011

SitePrep Cover OctoberSite Prep magazine for October 2011 edition has been released. You can read latest news on technologies for and the evolving interaction among contractors, engineers and related profession in this issue. Here are feature articles for this month.

A Closer Look at the Infrastructure Bank Plan
By Alexis Brumm
For years, the United States has neglected its very foundation—its infrastructure. In 2009, the American Society of Civil Engineers gave the nation’s infrastructure a “D” in its Report Card analysis, estimating it would take more than $2 trillion to bring it back up to a passing grade.

Machine Control Makes Big Difference for Small Contractor
By Jeff Winke
If Greg Haight, president of H&H Enterprises in Steamboat Springs, Colo., is correct, in 10 years it will be unheard of for any earthmoving contractor to say they don’t need technology or that it’s not worth the investment.

Geogrids’ Refreshing Approach
By Steven Knapp
Erosion can have devastating effects. When erosion occurs, it not only disrupts the ecosystem, but it also can impact the economy of surrounding communities by destroying quality parklands and raising costs to residents to construct water quality management systems.

Case Study: Twin-Track Land Clearing Machine Provides Flexibility
It goes without saying that adaptability is one of the keys to success in the continuously changing world of business. One contractor that has embraced this attribute is Michalchuk Bros. L. Contractors Limited.

Industry Dirt: October 2011
The National Equipment Register (NER) and the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) released their national report on 2010 heavy-equipment theft.

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About Site Prep Magazine:
Through in-depth coverage on the challenges and opportunities of site preparation, earth moving and environmental activities, Site Prep provides useful information on developmental trends, project management strategies and business processes to the contractors, engineers and related industry professionals.

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