Renewable Energy World March April 2013 Issue

Renewable Energy World Magazine April 2013 coverHere is new edition of Renewable Energy World magazine March-April 2013. You can read latest news on renewable energy technology in the worldwide through this issue.


Wind manufacturing ups its game
Wind power manufacturers today need to plan their operations to increase flexibility and better insulate themselves from business cyclicality, market volatility and geographic shifts.

De-risking wind
The financial risks associated with wind power’s inherently high variability don’t just affect wind power producers but a range of electricity market players.

Off-grid in Ladakh
The world’s largest off-grid renewable energy initiative in Ladakh consists of 28.3 MW of solar PV, small hydro, geothermal and solar thermal in North India’s Jammu and Kashmir province.

Investment drivers for African solar
The massive potential for solar power in Africa is starting to be realized with a rush of investment. This timely look at the market reveals why solar in sub-Saharan Africa is finally proving attractive to investors.

Greening city grids for EVs
As the number of electric vehicles (EVs) grows worldwide, public changing stations are being installed in cities. But how much of the electricity used to charge electric vehicles will actually come from renewable energy sources?

Germany’s new solar thermal market
Process heat seems to be a promising new niche for solar thermal technology, but it is still largely unknown to many companies that might use it. To address this, in Germany there is a subsidy for solar process heat under the Market Rebate Programme.

Campaigning for small wind power
Misconceptions have prevented decision-makers in developing countries from choosing small wind technologies for rural communities, even though it is often one of the most cost-effective solutions. Six months into a new campaign, the Alliance for Rural Electrification is ready to share its conclusions and insights into this exciting market.

Integrating PV into national grids
How can the solar PV industry quantify its competitiveness in relation to the power network? A way to value the grid services photovoltaic provide at different stages of penetration is needs. A systematic framework scheme can not only provide this, but is applicable to any region. This article carefully explores such a framework that aims to establish the value of solar.

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Renewable Energy World provides authoritative articles, case studies and essential news on global developments in the renewables sector. Every issue includes features on wind power, solar thermal, photovoltaics and biomass. Regular coverage is also devoted to geothermal, energy storage, small hydro, and hybrid systems.

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