Renewable Energy World Magazine September 2012

Renewable Energy World September 2012

Feature Articles:

Changing Africa’s energy picture
With the proper stimuli, renewables can and will take off in Sub Saharan Africa. While the appetite and resources are clearly there, a multi-pronged strategic approach that engages a wide base is needed.

Can HCPV compete?
Super-efficient cells make high-concentrating PV a potential star, but the sector’s ultimate fate will be decided by its ability to compete on cost with polysilicon panels.

China goes local to go global
Focusing on overseas partnerships, China’s wind firms are adopting strategies of ‘co-opetition’ and ‘globalization through localization’ to build their export success.

Cool is the new cool
Solar cogeneration that both displaces and produces electricity can be an optimal and cost-effective solution to growing demand for power.

Germany’s renewable powerhouse
Facing the tough challenge of switching to renewables amid a nuclear phase-out, Germany is looking to its stadtwerke – or municipal authorities – to lead the transformation.

Emissions trading and renewables
Can emissions trading schemes, such as the EU ETS, be made to work successfully?

US warms to thermal energy
In their drive to meet Renewable Portfolio Standards, US states are quietly moving to renewable heating and cooling.

Plain sailing for Oklahoma

The US state is taking advantage of its abundant wind resource with fast-growing project development.

Indonesian energy transit
Indonesia’s government would like the nation’s electricity market to move from a monopoly fossil-fuel generation base to a more competitive structure with an increasing share of renewable energy. But the reality is somewhat different.

Will California achieve its goal?
In the US state with the most aggressive Renewable Portfolio Standard, opinions are mixed about whether or not California will be able to meet its goal of 33% renewables by 2020.

Putting trust in modules
PV reliability standards are being pushed by manufacturers, developers and governments to deliver a long-lasting product.

Offshore wind: the next five years
Despite a slow takeoff, the last five years have seen progress in offshore wind, with the majority of global installations in this period. What’s ahead for the next five years?

Floating a viable biofuels industry
The US military looks to the biofuels industry as the nation’s road to energy independence, but government committees have proposed bills blocking investment, arguing that it is too expensive and risky. Is the military the industry’s only hope for scale?

Warming for new Europe
District heating, with its fuel flexibility and extensive inherited networks, could transform Eastern Europe’s energy future. But it has never fitted neatly into energy statistics or policy. Nations must embrace district heating to achieve EU energy policy targets.

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Renewable Energy World provides authoritative articles, case studies and essential news on global developments in the renewables sector. Every issue includes features on wind power, solar thermal, photovoltaics and biomass. Regular coverage is also devoted to geothermal, energy storage, small hydro, and hybrid systems.

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