Renewable Energy World Magazine May June 2012

Cover of Renewable Energy World Magazine June 2012Here is new edition of Renewable Energy World magazine May-June 2012. You can read latest news on renewable energy technology in the worldwide through this issue. Here are feature articles for this month.

China welcomes solar thermal
Millions of roofs across Chinese cities are now equipped with solar thermal systems, often installed at great heights and increasingly integrated into building designs.
By Barbel Epp

Eastern seaboard races for offshore wind
Stakeholders along the United States’ Atlantic Coast are eager for offshore wind’s first landfall in the country to take place with their own state.
By Steve Leone

Wind pushes electricity below zero
Germany is seeking solutions for the negative prices that have regularly cropped up on its wholesale electricity markets whenever the country’s rising wind capacity operates at high load.
By Rachana Raizada

Driving up photovoltaic reliability
The solar industry is addressing the vital issue of ensuring PV modules live up to the expectations of their manufacturers and owner – allowing everyone to benefit.
By Christian Hoepfner

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Geographic Eligibility: Europe, Asia, and South America

About Renewable Energy World Magazine:
Renewable Energy World provides authoritative articles, case studies and essential news on global developments in the renewables sector. Every issue includes features on wind power, solar thermal, photovoltaics and biomass. Regular coverage is also devoted to geothermal, energy storage, small hydro, and hybrid systems.



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