Renewable Energy World January February 2013

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Low margins on the horizonRenewable Energy World Jan Feb 2013 cover
Narrow margins are expected for solar manufactures this year, but the outlook is still sunny. While painfully difficult conditions will persist for a while, our market analyst has faith in the solar industry’s resilience and predicts that it will now just survive, it will continue innovating.

Debating onshore wind in Germany
The argument over the future of Germany’s onshore wind energy is a showdown over the Energiewende. The government says a clean-energy economy is Germany’s future, yet the nation appears unprepared to accept the implications of this decision for the energy market. What’s next for onshore wind in this contentious environment?

Investment in African solar grows
Private sector involvement in African renewable energy has traditionally been slim, but new entrepreneurs are arising and even aid organizations are taking steps to do commercial business. We look at solar projects in the region and how a fledgling market is turning from aid to sales.

Roadmap for Armenian renewables
Given the nation’s lack of fossil fuel reserves, Armenia is dependent on imported fuel for transportation, electricity generation and heat. What is the scope for renewables development in this region of the former Soviet Union?

Bioenergy special section
In this edition we inaugurate our special section on bioenergy, covering all aspects of financing, development, installation, management, operations and maintenance of bioenergy installations through news coverage, market forecasts, regional profile and in depth analysis.

Best practices in Asian biomass
Emerging Asian biomass markets feature tremendous resources, very favorable commercial advantages and strong willingness from users to pay for electricity. However, biomass power has yet become commercially and financially viable as a corporate sector in the region. Is a focus on vertical logistics the answer?

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