Railway Age Magazine September 2013 Issue

Get your free subscription to Railway Age Magazine September 2013New edition for Railway Age Magazine is now available. In September 2013 issue, you can read latest news, technology, business event in railway industry. Here are feature articles for this month.


A Stronger Network, With More Capacity
How BNSF is leveraging a record $4.3 billion in capital investment

Railway Interchange 2013: Momentum Builds
The payoff for North America’s railroad industry was demonstrated in 2011. More of the same is expected in Indianapolis late this month.

A Few Clean Breakthroughs
Railroads and locomotive builders are prepared to meet the EPA’s tough Tier 4 emissions standards. Meanwhile, LNG has taken center stage as a potential replacement for diesel fuel.

Will LNG Be a Railroad Game-Changer?
Weighing the pros and cons of transitioning from diesel.

Smarter Crossings, Safer Crossings
Grade crossing safety is an area where quality technology can help save lives while contributing to the bottom line

A New Look at Electrification
Amtrak has some on its home turf. LRT systems use it as a staple. But North American regional and commuter railroads have resisted tapping electricity as a primary energy source. That’s now changing.

LRT for Canada’s Capital
Ottawa is moving beyond BRT.

NJT Goes to Greater Lengths
Need more passenger capacity? Why buy new when it’s possible to stretch what you’ve got, for a lot less money?

Concrete bridges at FAST that last
Work conducted by TTCI for the AAR Strategic Research Initiatives Program shows how bridge life can be extended

Beyond M-976
TTCI has evaluated the performance of the next-generation freight car trucks

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