Railway Age Magazine May 2014 Issue

Railway Age magazine 05/2014 edition cover - free subscription. Keep update with latest news, technology, business event in railway industry through Railway Age Magazine – May 2014 issue. Special focus for this month is “Signaling — Its many aspects are vital to railroad growth”.


Taming the PTC Elephant
As railroads struggle with this bureaucracy-laden mandate, they have to remember that PTC isn’t the only game in town.

Signaling and Train Control: The New Frontier is Here
Congress and the FRA perceive PTC primarily as a safety measure to counteract human error and prevent accidents. But rail industry suppliers seek to make PTC, and CBTC too, something with far greater utility than that, as railways scramble to adopt this new technology.

Managing the Lineup
Strategic business plans aligned with a strategic technology plan can provide more-effective interchange data and traffic control processes.

Safety Appliance Evolution
S-2044, the AAR’s new safety appliance standard, is one of the most significant improvements to freight car safety in more than 50 years.

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