Railway Age Magazine July 2013 Issue

Free subscription to July 2013 Railway Age magazineTrusted rail industry publication, Railway Age Magazine, has released its new edition for July 2013. Get latest news on rail industry through this issue. Here are featured articles for this month.


Railroads at Midyear: Why Investors Turn to Rail
Shrewd capital investments have been quick to pay dividends

Crossties Mark the Way
As old rights-of-way expand or are rehabilitated–and as new rail transit routes are created and extended– the growing demand for crossties will have to serve a more diverse marketplace

Transit vehicle design: Comfortable, Profitable
A growing North American market for rail transit makes increased passenger comfort and convenience a profitable venture–and good public relations

For EMD, A Passenger Rail Rebirth
The locomotive builder’s determination to reenter the passenger market has come to fruition

The Autorack evolves: Two Levels or Three, Both Suit Me
Greenbrier’s new Multi-Max is designed to meet the constantly changing requirements of motor vehicle manufacturers.

Educating The Next Generation of Railroaders
After years of stagnation, railroad-specific programs are re-emerging to serve a growing industry that needs new talent and research resources.

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About Railway Age Magazine:
Railway Age magazine provides quality content on issues and emerging topics which are vital to your success as a professional in the rail industry. Railway Age serves companies who own, lease, operate, or maintain railroad or transit equipment or facilities; shippers, railway industry related companies including professional engineer consultants, car and locomotive builders and repairers/rebuilders, original equipment manufacturers, railway and transit suppliers/contractors and government personnel.

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