Railway Age Magazine February 2014 Issue

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The Crude Oil Challenge
CBR is re-energizing tank car traffic

Re-Inventing The Dot 111
Builders gear up to meet demand for safety-first tank cars

At High or Low Speed, a Safety Need
As the U.S. bolsters its passenger rail options, from high speed rail startups to streetcar revivals, those designing the safest land transport mode seek to make it safer still.

What’s the Diagnosis?
How high-tech track inspection gives railroads a clear picture of their maintenance needs.

Kitchener to Waterloo, By LRT
After an absence of more than 67 years, rail transit is poised to return to Ontario’s twin cities.

Railway Age Magazine February 2014 – Free Subscription

Geographic Eligibility: USA, Canada, Mexico

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Railway Age magazine provides quality content on issues and emerging topics which are vital to your success as a professional in the rail industry. Railway Age serves companies who own, lease, operate, or maintain railroad or transit equipment or facilities; shippers, railway industry related companies including professional engineer consultants, car and locomotive builders and repairers/rebuilders, original equipment manufacturers, railway and transit suppliers/contractors and government personnel.

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