Railway Age January 2013

Railway Age Magazine jan 2013 coverRead latest news on rail industry in January 2013 issue. This edition take a special look at Railroader of the year & 2013 Passenger Rail Outlook. Here are feature articles for this month.

Featured Articles

Railroader of the year: James R. Young
Union Pacific’s chairman James R. Young is the driving force behind a remarkable cultural change at North America’s largest railroad.

2013 Passenger Rail Outlook: Diversity Holds Sway
Carbuilders ready a wider variety of products to a larger audience of rail operators

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Geographic Eligibility: USA, Canada, Mexico

About Railway Age Magazine:
Railway Age magazine provides quality content on issues and emerging topics which are vital to your success as a professional in the rail industry. Railway Age serves companies who own, lease, operate, or maintain railroad or transit equipment or facilities; shippers, railway industry related companies including professional engineer consultants, car and locomotive builders and repairers/rebuilders, original equipment manufacturers, railway and transit suppliers/contractors and government personnel.

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