Railway Age April 2013 Issue

Free Subscription to Railway Age April 2013New edition of Railway Age magazine is now available. In this April 2013 issue, you can read latest news on rail industry. Here are featured articles of this month.


Continental Powerhouse
How Genesee & Wyoming’s 2013 capital plan keeps the wheels turning, customers happy, and employees safe

Mighty Mite Stands Tall in Texas
Gardendale Railroad clearly qualifies as a short line, but it goes long on effort, impact, and effectiveness

Regional Railroad of the year: Montana Rail Link
Railway Age’s regional railroad of the year has achieved significant improvements in the six key areas of safety, customer service, innovation, enhanced productivity, community involvement, and employee satisfaction.

Here Come the Streetcars
Suppliers large and small are convinced North America is ripe for streetcar growth and they’re moving proactively to encourage and exploit that development.

Turning Out Great Turnouts
A new design lifts wheels over the main line rails

North American Railcar Report
A younger, stronger fleet

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About Railway Age Magazine:
Railway Age magazine provides quality content on issues and emerging topics which are vital to your success as a professional in the rail industry. Railway Age serves companies who own, lease, operate, or maintain railroad or transit equipment or facilities; shippers, railway industry related companies including professional engineer consultants, car and locomotive builders and repairers/rebuilders, original equipment manufacturers, railway and transit suppliers/contractors and government personnel.

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