Pumps & Systems Magazine June 2013 Issue


Pumps & Systems Magazine June 2013Peristaltic Pump Speed Considerations
Operating speed requirements must be a factor when selecting a pump.

Rotary Lobe Pumps in Sugar Processing
This pump type manages the temperature and viscosity challenges of handling this

Improved Torque Tension
How does lubrication affect fastener torque and resultant tension?

ATEX: The Symbol of Safety in Dangerous Chemicals Handling
Safety-conscious chemical companies are making ATEX-certified pumps and equipment

Root Cause Analysis & Problem Solving
Basic solutions that limit the involvement of a slowly dwindling staff are ideal

Food & Beverage Industry Pump Market
The total pump market within this segment is steadily growing in the U.S.

Long-Term Motor Reliability
A variable frequency drive’s effect on system efficiency and motor life

Internal Clearance & Its Effect on Bearing Fatigue Life
End users must include bearing clearance as an integral part of designing or building a pump.

Reverse Engineering of a Vertical Pump Suction Bowl
The pump was returned to service at a nuclear power plant after reverse engineering of an unavailable part and complete pump testing.

VFDs Save Energy in Pump Applications
Using variable frequency drives provides many benefits to end users.

Electric Motor Repair & Reliability
Repetitive motor failures may be caused by a lack of diagnostic or forensic repair information reported to the motor owner.

Motor Nameplate Letter Code Designations
Learn how to avoid misinterpretations.

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