POWERGRID International November 2012

Powergrind Magazine nov 2012The November issue of POWERGRID International will take a special look at Enabling Next-generation Grid Automation and Control. Other articles cover the role of communications in the smart grid, the case for energy storage software and why materials, cable standards matter in reliable global power systems.

Feature Articles

Smart Meter Opt-out Policies Explained
For decades, millions of electric and gas meters on customer premises have been equipped with radios. Yet activists contend that smart meters cause physical harm by radio frequency emissions or violation of privacy through unauthorized release of data or other means.

Enabling Next-generation Grid Automation and Control
With smart grid implementation, utilities can automate applications that improve distribution system reliability, lower costs, increase efficiency, enhance security and achieve other diverse benefits.

Britain’s Smart Metering Rollout is About Customers

In Britain, the government’s target is for every home and small business to have gas and electricity smart meters installed by 2019. Will smart meter rollouts increase customers’ trust in their energy suppliers? How can utilities encourage smart meter adoption?

The Role of Communications in the Smart Grid
Effective communications strategies are critical to successful smart grid deployments, and the substation is the heart of any power utility communications strategy.

Why Materials, Cable Standards Matter in Reliable Global Power Systems
Some of us live in parts of the world where accessibility to dependable power is taken for granted. But power shortages, rolling brownouts and regional blackouts continue to challenge global power systems.

The Case for Energy Storage Software
From the outset, smart grid promised to improve the electric grid by combining existing and new electric infrastructure with modern computing technology. But for many years, the energy storage industry thought it had a battery problem.

From Enterprise to Ops Center to Substation to Feeder to House and Back
Smart grid technology investment has given rise to the need for true system engineering skills similar to those fostered by U.S. investment in the space program. The investment being made in intelligent infrastructure should be the nation’s man on the moon for the next decade.

Want to Reduce Bill Calls? Talk Like a Human
Bills, bills, bills. Besides being the title of R&B group Destiny’s Child’s 1999 hit single, they’re also one of the most frequent concerns of utility customers. “Why is my bill so high? How do I read my bill” How can I save money on my bill?” customers ask.

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About POWERGRID International Magazine:
POWERGRID International magazine covers electric power Transmission and Distribution (T&D) trends at utilities around the world, including topics relevant to Commercial and Industrial (C&I) customers who use some 60 percent of the electricity in the United States. Topics include: Electric grid automation and control; smart metering; T&D engineering, operations, maintenance and equipment from inside power plant control rooms to customer devices in homes; products and services; smart grid; IT; and Commercial and Industrial (C&I) end users.

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