Power Engineering International October 2012

PEI october 2012The October issue of Power Engineering International will take a special look at China Sets up Shop in Europe’s Backyard and Indonesia’s uphill journey to electrify its people. Other articles cover land seismic, formation evaluation, LWD/MWD, fracturing technology and training. Get latest news on global electric power generation and transmission industry through this issue.

Feature Articles

Decarbonizing power production
Swedish utility Vattenfall AB ranks as Europe’s fifth-largest electric power producer, with core markets in Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands.

Pause before starting stoppages
There are a combination of factors in play in Africa and around the world that are making electricity more and more critical to the success of individuals, countries and regions.

A fast track to African power
A comparison among different global regions of their electricity use and economic development reveals how strongly the two factors are related.

Offshore plans face cable supply risk
The high-voltage submarine cable market is facing significant challenges, with the current supply chain capable of fulfilling only half of the planned cable projects over the next five years, according to analysts at Pike Research.

Plant design tools for the future
The global power generation industry is at a turning point.

Special Report

China Sets up Shop in Europe’s Backyard
Chinese companies’ low costs, access to cheap capital and apparent willingness to take on projects without government guarantees is proving an attractive mix to Balkan states eager for investment in ageing and over-stretched power infrastructure.

Power for the Island Mosaic: Indonesia’s uphill journey to electrify its people
It is 1 o’clock in the morning in Jakarta. The glow from the city lights illuminates the hazy sky above with a permanent yellowish-orange light that erases any sight of a starlit sky.

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About Power Engineering International Magazine:
Power Engineering International is the leading magazine for the global electric power generation and transmission industry. It provides articles on new technologies and installations as well as market reports, news, commentary and analysis.

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