Power Engineering International May 2013 Issue

Power Engineering International Magazine May 2013 edition coverThe May issue of Power Engineering International will take a special look at Powering Modern Russia & Europe’s energy cash crunch bites. Other articles cover industry highlights, world news & project and technology update.


Trading power between Europe and North Africa
The Arab Spring may have increased short-term doubts about the political stability of Europe’s southern and eastern Mediterranean neighbours, but the long-term case for energy cooperation between these regions is surely unarguable.

A waste of time and money?
Electricity is increasingly coming to dominate the supply of energy, and the reasons may be obvious.

A Greek success story
A Greek success story – four words we have not heard very often in the last couple of years.

Smart Grid: More of a journey than a destination
Developing an intelligent grid is much like developing the human intellect: no-one ever reaches the pinnacle of wisdom and learning and change go on.

Austria: Quiet contender packs a punch
A quick question for you: which European country offers the best investment opportunities for renewable energy?

What are the future prospects for utility-scale CSP?
Good day sunshine. In the US and Spain, solar thermal power stations have been generating electricity for years.

A grip on future grid dynamics
The dynamics of the energy flows through transmission and distribution power grids is rapidly growing to unprecedented levels.

Making genset greener, leaner and meaner
The diesel (reciprocating) generator set market remains fast growing and vibrant, representing the fastest selling and least expensive of the distributed generation technologies available.

The rise of the microgrid
When Hurricane Sandy hit the United States last October, it caused an estimated $71 billion in damages, including bringing down power lines and affecting the supply of electricity to 3.5 million homes and businesses.

Petcoke: an alternative fuel source
Unlike anywhere else in the world, the Middle East depends strongly on oil to produce electricity.

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