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Russia’s power sector: An inside viewPEI magazine feb 2013 cover
Russia’s reform of its conventional electricity market is widely recognised as one of the most ambitious reform processes ever undertaken by any country.

A carefully managed cycle
Driven by the demands of today’s deregulated markets and the influx of intermittent renewable generation into the grid, combined-cycle power plants increasingly have to respond to large load fluctuations in a short time.

Sun sets on oil and gas dominance
The Middle East is not so much at an energy crossroads but instead preparing to drive down an as-yet unbuilt power superhighway.

The SNCR option for large coal boilers
In the eighties and nineties when Western Europe’s large coal-fired boilers were retrofitted with nitrogen oxides (NOx) control systems, selective catalytic reduction (SCR) process was considered the best available technology (BAT).

Mega trial opens Europe to micro-CHP
Although Elcore GmbH, a German maker of fuel cell micro-CHP units, only has a few of its products in homes in its domestic market, it already has high hopes of selling plenty on a fully commercial basis from later this year before spreading its wings into other European markets.

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