Power Engineering International December 2012

PEI December 2012Power Engineering International magazine for December 2012 edition has been released. You can read latest news on global electric power generation and transmission industry, new technologies and installations, market reports, news, and analysis through this issue. Here are feature articles for this month.

Calling a halt to unplanned outages
How an integrated asset management and computerized maintenance system in curbing unscheduled outages.

Landmark capture of carbon dioxide
Capturing CO2 through oxy-combustion in circulating fluidized bed technology could herald commercial CCS

The case for ‘greening’ engineering
How some of the biggest names in power engineering are responding to consumer pressure to ‘green’ their business.

Things that go bump in the night (and day)
A lunchbox-sized fault level monitor can now measure the impact of national disturbances such as Hurricane Sandy.

Washing away efficiency constraints
Effective offline and online wet washing of gas turbines can significantly improve overall plant efficiency.

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Geographic Eligibility: USA, Canada, Mexico, Selected International

About Power Engineering International Magazine:
Power Engineering International Magazine is the leading magazine for the global electric power generation and transmission industry. PEI provides articles on new technologies and installations as well as market reports, news, commentary and analysis.

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