Poultry International Magazine August 2012

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Here is new edition of Poultry International magazine, August 2012. In this issue, you can read latest international news, data and information for Poultry businesses.

Feature Articles

UK egg producer achieves consumer success with quality, branding
A pioneer in free range, Havensfield Happy Hens remains committed to the sector, despite difficulties in the egg market.

SPACE 2012 expected to break records for exhibitors, attendance
Organizers hope to help industry professionals meet the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Ukraine’s Avangard to lead local producers into EU egg market
Opportunities are in the EU market are being closely watched by Ukraine’s egg producers, particularly the country’s biggest player.

Using pellet quality to improve broiler growth rate, feed conversion
The way feed is presented will affect energy and time required to consume it.

Benefit of in ovo vaccination available to smaller hatcheries
In ovo technology is now well established in larger hatcheries, but smaller operations can benefit too.

VIV China 2012: Discover China’s poultry, meat and feed markets
The show will offer a window into the poultry, egg, meat and feed production markets.

Poultry processing, efficient rendering
Careful check to ensure that good meat is not sent to the rendering plant, while ensuring that useable waste products do enter the rendering process, can improve the bottom line.

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About Poultry International Magazine:
Established in 1962, Poultry International is viewed by commercial poultry integrators as the leading international source of news, data and information for their businesses. Poultry International reaches a global audience of 20,000+ poultry decision-makers in 142 countries.

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