Poultry International Magazine April 2012

Poultry International Cover April 2012Poultry International magazine for April 2012 edition has been released. You can read latest international news, data and information for Poultry businesses in this issue. Here are feature articles for this month.

Mexican egg producer ranks as world’s second largest egg company
PROAN is a fully integrated modern egg producer and animal protein company.

Potential, pitfalls in Indian poultry industry’s future
India’s poultry and egg industries have grown, but there are still hurdles to overcome.

Investing, planning, supporting modern poultry production in Central Asia
Central Asia’s economies are creating a modern poultry sector and reducing reliance on imports.

Tips for measuring dust and odor emission at broiler sites
To be properly controlled, they need to be properly measured.

Demand for Brazilian poultry feed continues to rise
The Brazilian poultry industry continues to demand more feed.

Major factors in maintaining poultry performance: management, hygiene
The bacterial challenge is ever-present but does not have to be left unchecked.

5 Steps to optimum product inspection for poultry meat
Manufacturers must ensure that their processes meet the highest standards.

Ideas to improve safety, quality, margins during poultry processing
Refinement of established techniques can raise quality and improve the bottom line for poultry processors.

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About Poultry International Magazine:
Established in 1962, Poultry International is viewed by commercial poultry integrators as the leading international source of news, data and information for their businesses. Poultry International reaches a global audience of 20,000+ poultry decision-makers in 142 countries.

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