Poultry International June 2014 Issue

Poultry International Magazine 06/2014 edition. New edition of Poultry International magazine is now available. In June 2014 issue, you can get latest international news, data and information for poultry businesses. Here are featured articles for this month.


Reducing feather pecking in non-cage-laying flocks
Beak trimming, lighting control are common methods to reduce injurious pecking, but there are other ways to reduce this behavior in non-cage flocks

Lessons to be learned from European Union’s cage ban
Member states have not been able to use conventional cages for egg production since January 2012. The route to get there could have been easier.

Tough 2013 for Latin America’s top poultry producers
Reflecting high costs and low economic growth, the Latin American poultry industry stagnated last year, but poultry production is set for a revival

Strong growth in Australian broiler sector set to continue
Decade of growth achieved by Australia’s broiler producers shows few signs of slowing.

China presents massive opportunities for pork, poultry exporters
With strong economic growth expected to continue, China will remain the world’s largest market for animal protein.

A new look at feeding broiler breeder males
Following simple feeding rules can lead to good results when managing broiler breeder males and achieve high hatchability.

How to restrict growth in broilers
Although rapid growth in broiler is highly desirable, there are times when growth rates must be slowed down for short or longer period of times

Nutrition and egg safety papers highlight IPSF 2014
Research presented at the International Poultry Scientific Forum in Atlanta investigated enzyme use, limestone particle size, organic protein sources and more.

Ensuring chicken welfare at processing
Paying attention to poultry welfare at processing improves more than the bottom line.

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Established in 1962, Poultry International is viewed by commercial poultry integrators as the leading international source of news, data and information for their businesses. Poultry International reaches a global audience of 20,000+ poultry decision-makers in 142 countries.

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