Poultry International July 2014 Issue

Poultry International Magazine 07/2014 Cover The July issue of Poultry International will take a special look at Impact of DON on the poultry gut, World poultry industry adapts to commodity volatility, and Poultry processing and environmental protection. Other articles also cover latest international news, data and information for poultry businesses.


World poultry industry adapts to commodity volatility
Grain costs, quality top list of feeding challenges in WATT’s 2014 Nutrition and Feed Survey

Continuing success for Noble Foods’ the happy egg co. brand
Commitment to welfare, strong marketing have seen the happy egg co. grow at home and overseas

SPACE 2014 to present wide variety of experiences
International audience makes livestock event dynamic for visitors, exhibitors

Japan’s broiler sector expects stable 2014
Despite 2011’s disasters and 2013’s unfavorably hot summer, Japanese broiler production and consumption remain high

Impact of DON on the poultry gut
Deoxynivalenol-contaminated feed can lead to reduced feed intake and make poultry more susceptible to disease

Mash or crumbled feed for layers?
With half the world feeding mash feed to layers, and the other half feeding crumbles, which feed form is better than the other, and why?

Tailored approach to conditions highlighted at Merial Avian Forum
Be it animal welfare or vaccination campaigns, and approach adapted to specific circumstances may prove most beneficial for today’s poultry producers

Is on-farm spent hen composting a viable option?
If handled properly, odor emissions from egg farms, composting on-site will not negatively impact on neighboring residents.

Poultry processing and environmental protection
Making better use of easily available renewable resources would allow the processing sector to reduce input costs and protect the environment

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Established in 1962, Poultry International is viewed by commercial poultry integrators as the leading international source of news, data and information for their businesses. Poultry International reaches a global audience of 20,000+ poultry decision-makers in 142 countries.

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