Pipeline & Gas Journal September 2012

PGJ september 2012FEATURES

Dual Drive Compressor Fills a Need by Cutting Emissions and Costs
There is a new age dawning in compression, according to Energy Transfer Technologies (ETT) …

The Design of Natural Gas Pipelines
The modern pipeline design engineer must take into consideration many new factors – for instance, the federal Gas Pipeline Safety Rules…

Keeping Your High Potentials Engaged
Are you an energy distribution company? Are you having trouble attracting and keeping talented employees? There may be a pool of high potentials already available

Modern Turbo Compressors for High-Pressure Pipelines
Modern high-pressure gas stations use vertically split, dry-gas-sealed, shear-ring head centrifugal compressors for high-pressure service.

Pipeline Records Verification Compliance Questions for Operators
More than 2.5 million miles of pipelines, including 300,000 miles of gas transmission lines, criss-cross the U.S., carrying natural gas and a host of hazardous liquids that fuel the nation’s economy

ONEOK Partners Plans Major Growth Project Investments
ONEOK Partners, L.P said it plans to invest approximately $980 million to $1.1 billion between now and 2014 to build a 75,000 natural gas liquids…

DCP Midstream to Double Capacity in Denver-Julesburg Basin
DCP Midstream LLC reports capital investments under way will double its processing capacity in the Denver-Julesburg Basin by the end of 2014.

Electric Power Industry Stands Ready To Strengthen Regional Electric-Gas Partnerships
Electric utilities are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating the best ways of serving their customers. New technologies, new opportunities with…

Enbridge Northern Gateway Files Reply Evidence to JRP
Enbridge Inc. announced Northern Gateway has filed Reply Evidence in the regulatory application for the project and, contained in that filing, details further enhancements in pipeline design and operations.

FERC Market Study Shows Growing Demand for Natural Gas
The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s recently released State of the Markets 2011 report provides insight into the nation’s plentiful supply of natural gas, the need to develop new domestic and foreign markets and what’s driving changes in electric markets.

Compressor Control Moving Beyond ‘Black Boxes’
Compressors play an integral role in the oil and gas industry, helping power the multiple processes that convert oil and gas into thousands of practical products.

TransCanada Selected To Develop Northern Courier Pipeline System
TransCanada Corporation was selected by the Fort Hills Energy Limited Partnership to design, build, own and operate the proposed Northern Courier Pipeline project.

CO-2 Compression Research Advancing At SwRI
In the effort to reduce the release of CO-2 greenhouse gases to the atmosphere, industry is pursuing technologies for sequestering CO-2 emitted from new power cycles including Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) and Oxy-Fuel, as well as from traditional Pulverized Coal (PC) power plants.

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