Petfood Industry Magazine March 2014 Issue

Petfood Industry 03/2014 edition - free subscription. Get your free subscription to Petfood Industry Magazine March 2014 and read latest news, research, and product on petfood manufacturing industry. Here are featured articles for this month.


Simpsons Premium poised to export petfood around the world
UK-based, family-run dog food company ready to take over Europe and beyond

Petfood industry gathers for learning, networking at Petfood Forum and Workshop
More than 30 educational sessions offer the latest petfood research, insight, and tips.

Petfood experts to share latest research during Petfood Forum Asia 2014
Petfood professionals can network and learn insights and tips

Grain-free petfood: A top trend in the US pet market
Desire for natural product, pet humanization drive this growing segment

Should domestic dogs really eat like wolves?
Bio-appropriate petfoods are often meat-first and grain-free but are they based on nutrition science?

Petfood packaging round-up: The latest trends and products
Convenience and customization key in staying on top of the market.

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About Petfood Industry Magazine:
Petfood Industry magazine is the leading global information source for petfood manufacturing executives, managers and other industry professionals. Its editorial cover latest pet food industry news, products, research on.

Petfood Industry connects petfood manufacturing organizations with their supplier partners through the print publication, related digital properties and annual in-person events. Readers also receive the latest information on Petfood Forum USA, Petfood Forum Asia and Petfood Forum Europe.

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