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Oil, Gas & Petrochem Equipment cover septemberOil, Gas & Petrochem Equipment magazine for September 2011 edition has been released. You can read latest oil industry news such as systems, services, new equipment, products, and technologies than any other oil industry in this issue. Here are feature articles for this month.

Stainless pilot valves aid offshore oil, gas production facility safety system monitoring
New 8361 stainless steel pilot valves are introduced for offshore oil and gas production facilities. They eliminate dormancy “sticking” problems of control valves installed offshore in the pneumatic logic panels that control monitoring safety systems.

Oil field rugged root valve for refining, oil sand, shale
The expanded line of Anderson Greenwood M30 primary isolation instrumentation root valves is on the market to serve large-bore isolation functions.

New back pressure regulators
This new Type 289 back pressure regulator also functions as a high-flow relief valve with adjustable setpoint to support oil and gas-related applications.

Heavy-duty above-well-drive piston pump models added to line
Apollo electric linear-rod pumps line has added two heavy-duty models plus solar and low-amp grid power options.

Shale-usable fluid transfer, dry disconnect products
Shale oil and gas drilling-applicable products are available from this manufacturer: dry disconnect products as well as rail and tank truck fluid handling products.

Combustion gas analyzers now integrate flow sensor technology for measuring in heat, extremes
Flowcube flow sensor technology is integrated in SERVOTOUGH FluegasExact Analyzers to assure confidence in combustion gas measurements.

High-pressure/temp pumps
Glandless boiler recirculation LUV pumps serve coal fired, solar, and nuclear power plants.

Wet processing fine particle separation cyclones
The latest SWECO Hydrocyclone Systems are introduced for wet processing fine particle separation.

Axial flow impellers are high efficiency
Heat transfer, blending, and solids suspension applications are handled by new, high efficiency XE-3 axial impellers.

Petrochem heat, control systems
This free eight-page brochure describes and illustrates petrochemical-process heat control systems.

New module improves process gas analyzer operations
Field Station Module reduces process gas pressure before transport to an analyzer. It helps improve analyzer response time and worker safety as well as reduce condensation.

Centrifugal pumps made for coke-manufacturing
All types of coke-manufacturing processes — most crucially the removal of harmful by-products from the centrifuge — are handled by 811 Series ANSI Centrifugal Pumps like this.

New natural gas vapor recovery compressor
NG Series natural gas vapor recovery compressors are now on the market to handle wellhead operations in continuous-duty or remote unmanned locations.

Free tank overfill prevention literature
Level instruments recommended for API RP 2350 tank overfill prevention are illustrated and described in this free brochure.

Vaportight liquid level systems for portable tanks presented
Vaportight gaugeheads for portable tank liquid level systems are presented in this free four-page brochure.

Digital tool tests pipeline hydrostatic pressures, is new
PIT5000 replaces deadweight testers, pressure chart recorders, temperature chart recorders, stop watches, and counters – to conduct pipeline hydrostatic pressure tests.

Pipeline equipment, engineering solutions, on-site services
A wide range of pipeline equipment, on-site services, and engineering solutions are offered by this company.

Flare gas, vent (flash) gas flow rate direct mass measurement
Two free direct mass flow rate measurement guides are now available on flare gas and vent gas (flash) gas.

Two-wire 4 to 20-mA Coriolis flowmeters newly introduced
Promass E 200 Coriolis Flowmeters are announced as “the world’s first…with true two-wire 4-20 mA HART technology.”

Quick-install turbine flow meters for oil and gas production duties
Blancett Gas QuikSert Turbine Flow Meters are now on the market for demanding oil and gas production duties.

Interactive demo has close-ups of “future ready” flow meters
A new online demo offers interactive close-ups of ST100 Series Flow Meters so you can learn more about its’ combination of “superior flow sensing performance with the most feature and function-rich electronics available today.”

Full profile insertion flow meters introduced
Industrial process water and effluent wastewater applications are served by this new FPI Mag Full Profile Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter.

Aerosol fire suppression system for computer / server rooms
Aero-K aerosol computer/server room fire suppression systems are now on the market.

Hydrocarbon spill sensing fluorimeters available
UV AQUAtracka fluorimeters detect very low hydrocarbon levels at depths of 6,000 m. The analog design is extremely sensitive for measurement in real-time of refined or crude hydrocarbons.

First responder safety elevated by new, real-time wireless gas monitor, control
ToxiRAE Pro wireless single-gas detectors plus EchoView Host Mini-Controller are new. They deliver real-time wireless monitoring capabilities to elevate first responder safety.

Explosionproof emergency light
Magnalight EXP-EMG-12W-2L explosionproof emergency lights are announced with battery backup. They deliver 90 min of light operation in the event of power failure or interruption of current to the light.

Photoacoustic IR gas monitors
PA4000 photoacoustic infrared gas monitors eliminate interference from water vapors where contaminants or interference preclude use of other measurement techniques.

Forward acting scored discs
Fail-safe, nonfragmenting FAS forward acting scored rupture discs like this deliver safety relief valve isolation.

Fire-safe isolation gasket, system for offshore, pipeline, LNG
Patented VCFS FireSafe isolation system is a gasket for very critical offshore platform, pipeline, and LNG operations or other areas susceptible to fires.

Flashback arrestors UL listed
The full line of WITT flashback arrestors is now UL listed under “Oxygen-Fuel Gas Combination Flash Arrester and Backpressure Check Valves.” It also meets EN730/ISO5175-1.

Retracting lanyards safeguard critical gear
Gear Keeper RT3 Lanyards prevent loss or damage of critical, expensive hand-held instruments or tools ? especially when working aloft.

Detcon joins Industrial Safety Technology Platform
Industrial Safety Technology LLC today announced acquisition of Houston-based Detcon, manufacturer of fixed gas detection products.

Design helps recip engine meet exhaust emissions guidelines
ECMD-100 Emissions Compliance Monitoring & Data Logging Systems check critical reciprocating engine temperature and pressure parameters associated with environmental regulations including RICE-NESHAP.

Cathodic protection training bench developed
This Cathodic Protection Training Bench provides opportunities to study the case of isolated systems, as well as those where different metals are coupled together. Particular attention is given to the presence or not of several kinds of insulating materials over the surface of samples. This demonstrates behavior differences of the same material when coated or bare.

Hands-free light source aids NDT inspections
NDT and fluorescent magnetic particle or penetrant testing are aided by this new hands-free Spectroline EK-3000 EagleEye UV-A/White Light LED Inspection Kit.

Mechanical torque multipliers brochure is free
An extensive line of digitally controlled mechanical torque multipliers are presented in this free brochure.

600-torch-lumen LED flashlights
New Rook MD1 & Checkmate LED flashlights deliver up to 600-torch-lumen brightness. They feature a rounded square anti-roll head with a strike bezel.

Pre, ‘lubed-for-life’ couplings newly introduced
Baldor•Dodge GRID-LIGN couplings are unveiled as ‘lubed-for-life’ designs to “eliminate the time and expense associated with preventive maintenance.”

Wire protection products, power components catalog
This free 2011 Full Line Product Catalog’s 284 pages present wire protection products and power components.

Regasification-applicable electrochlorination
SEACLOR seawater electrochlorination systems control biofouling at liquefied natural gas regasification facilities. They help eliminate dependency on outside suppliers and heavy costs of purchased commercial products – since they help generate a proven disinfection agent on site.

Evaporators dissipate large-area excess water
You can reliably dissipate excess water in large oil and gas areas, including coal bed methane – with new DBE-1000 long-throw evaporators.

Pipeline-reverse-flow-preventing valves out
Prevent liquid, steam, and gas pipeline reverse flow with this new range of lift check valves. Cast iron, stainless steel, and iron-constructed models protect equipment plus prevent pressure surges associated with hydraulic forces including water hammer.

New fabric buildings have structural beams
Instead of open web trusses, new Legacy Fabric Building Series incorporate structural steel beams. This provides portable or stationary oil and gas structure flexibility.

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