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Oil and Gas  Equipment December 2012

Customizable well site control management
Real-time data for producers – through an easy-to-operate user interface – is delivered by newly introduced PadPro customizable well site control management system.

Hazardous-area clamp-on liquid flow meters
With FLUXUS F808, this manufacturer moves one step further and presents its first clamp-on flow meter for liquid measurement in hazardous areas with FM Class I, Div. I approval.

Accelerated frac flowback production
FRAC-EVAC accelerated frac flowback configuration of patented ULTRA-FLO production system “recovers frac fluid as rapidly and as economically as possible while conveying production to the market immediately.”

Hose couplings quick, safe, secure for fracing
Harrington-brand Storz and MultiLug hose couplings are constructed to quickly, safely, and securely accommodate fracturing – without leakage.

New hotel concept, design for booming oil areas – built in 90 days
“Shut Eye Hotel” is a new lodging solution for accommodation demands in booming oil areas. It allows a high-quality hotel to be built in 90 days rather than 2 years or longer, it’s announced.

Improved light element analysis for oil, gas, mineral exploration
New Ultra Performance Packages for improved light element analysis are introduced for oil, gas and mineral exploration.

Thin Sleeve Core Barrel tech’y now deployed in Gulf of Mexico
Coring sample quality is said to be significantly improved by Thin Sleeve Core Barrel technology now being deployed in the Gulf of Mexico.

Mobile, small-scale LNG production plants for upstream, midstream, downstream on market in 2013
VX Cycle mobile, small-scale liquefied natural gas production plants are scheduled for 2013 availability. The patented LNG production technology has been licensed to Dresser-Rand.

Guided wave radar transmitters unveiled
ECLIPSE Model 706 guided wave radar transmitters are on the market “with improved performance for a wide range of level and interface control applications.”

Low-temp distillation system for seawater desalination also treats produced water
New patented thermal process Watersolutions LTD system is based on low temperature distillation for seawater desalination. It also treats problematic waste water from such varied sources as produced water.

Hammer union protection
HU Series hammer union protectors allow “effortless installation and easy removal with an ergonomic, knurled knob.”

Activated carbon alternative for hydrocarbon, chemical process
EnviroHPA Systems are announced as an alternative to environmental treatment applications featuring activated carbon (GAC).

Quarter-turn compact pneumatic actuators
TP quarter-turn pneumatic actuators are announced for use where space is restricted for ball, butterfly, plug, or damper-style valves in heavy-duty on-off and modulating service.

Widely applicable agitators
HT Agitators serve a broad range of applications including chemical, ethanol and biofuels, or general duties.

Progressing cavity pumps
L-Frame Progressing Cavity Pumps handle clean, thin, shear-sensitive products – to viscous, corrosive, abrasive slurries and sludges in petrochemical, chemical, or water and wastewater treatment.

Dew-point transmitters now have 3/4-in. UNF thread connections
Industry-standard 3/4-in. UNF thread process connections are now available on Easidew Dew-Point Transmitters.

Petroleum/chemical motors, VSDs, bearings, speed reducers
A complete line of energy-efficient motors, variable speed drives, bearings, speed reducers, and conveyor components for petroleum and chemical are presented in this free 16-page brochure.

High-specification valves
AMPO POYAM VALVES recently exhibited one of the largest cryogenic ball valves ever installed in an LNG plant: 36×30-in., 600 lb.

8-MW high-voltage flameproof motors unveiled
Drive oil, gas, and chemical pumps and compressors with this new 8-MW high voltage flameproof motor.

Fine particle filters unveiled for difficult-to-treat feedwaters
TEQUATIC PLUS fine particle filters are engineered to lower total cost of ownership in very high and highly variable suspended solids environments.

Centifugal compressors brochure
This free 32-page centrifugal compressors brochure presents four designs for applications including oil and gas.

Portable refining valve actuator
Securely and effectively operate refinery and chemical valves with new Easi-Drive portable actuators.

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