Offshore Magazine June 2012

Offshore magazine June 2012 coverOffshore magazine for June 2012 edition has been released. You can read latest news on offshore oil and gas operations and deep offshore markets in this issue. Here are feature articles for this month.

Gulf of Mexico
GoM E&P activity sees slow, steady resurgence
Operators and drilling contractors are ratcheting up exploration and production activities, which are soon expected to surpass the levels seen prior to the accident.

Port of Pensacola seeks greater role in offshore oil and gas
As exploration and production activity in the Gulf of Mexico gradually increases, the Port of Pensacola is turning to the offshore oil and gas industry to help revitalize and redevelop the 50-acre waterfront property.

Emerging technologies address deepwater challenges
As offshore hydrocarbon developments move deeper and into more complex areas in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM), many technological challenges exist for operators and offshore engineering service providers.

Geology & Geophysics
Seismic challenges in high impact Lower Tertiary exploration
Lower Tertiary or Palaeogene (Oligocene, Eocene, and Paleocene) sedimentary sequ- ences have provided many recent “game changing” high-impact hydrocarbon disc- overies worldwide.

Drilling and Completion
Real-time seismic-while-drilling to reduce exploration risk
Exploration for hydrocarbons offshore Liberia, West Africa, first took place in the early 1970s on the shallow-water shelf area.

A comprehensive approach to building safe, robust deepwater wells
Deepwater well construction can present myriad significant and costly operational challenges in the form of narrow pressure windows, unstable formations, mud loss, and formation damage.

Engineering, Construction, Installation
Dry trees offer alternative for deepwater development
Recent discoveries of several ultra-deepwater fields in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) are facing challenges to commercial development of reservoirs that include subsalt, drilling/completion, and well intervention complexities.

Platform construction program signals Centrica’s North Sea gas intent

Productions Operations
Industry responds to growing well intervention market
Offshore industry service companies are making plans to serve the growing demand for well intervention by refurbishing existing rigs and designing new ones that will better suit the particular needs of the market.

New system addresses deepwater pipeline hydrate remediation
The deeper the water, the more difficult hydrate problems are to overcome.

Subsea switchgear provides continuous power for compression and boosting
Subsea power distribution is now a reality. It will become even more prevalent in future subsea processing units due to environmental constraints such as arctic conditions.

Flowlines and Pipelines
Diagnostic tools can help streamline meter calibration process
Government and regulatory bodies require calibration of flow measurement devices. The costs for such calibrations are commonly assumed to be in the region of $50,000 or more.

Stimulation Vessels
2012 World survey of stimulaton vessels
World survey of stimulation vessels offers updated information on the capabilities and capacities of the global offshore marine fleet, including data on region of operation, tankage, and mixing, navigational and pumping equipment.

Cranes, Hoists and Winches
Offshore equipment providers raise lifting power
As offshore operations advance further from shore and into deeper water, equipment and service providers are not only adtvancing their lifting and hoisting capabilities but also improving their safety practices.

Equipment & Engineering
Latest technologies, products on display at OTC 2012
The Offshore Technology Conference, the largest assembly of offshore drilling, exploration, production, and environmental protection experts, reached a 30-year high of 89,400 attendees for the recent 2012 edition at Reliant Park in Houston.

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