Offshore Magazine December 2012

Offshore magazine dec 2012Offshore magazine for December 2012 edition has been released. You can read latest news on offshore oil and gas operations and deep offshore markets in this issue.

Featured Articles

Caesar/Tonga marks debut of steel lazy wave riser technology in GoM
First production from the deepwater Caesar/Tonga development not only represents the first application of steel lazy wave riser technology in the Gulf of Mexico, but also exemplifies the region’s production resurgence in the post-Macondo era.

Deepwater Usan FPSO development off Nigeria scores oil
Total, then operator of deepwater block OML 138 offshore Nigeria, started first production from Usan field in February 2012. Usan water depths range down to 850 m (2,788 ft).

Pipeline heating, seabed excavations support flow assurance on North Sea Islay tieback
A single-well development of a field with modest reserves usually does not capture the headlines, but Total’s Islay project in the North Sea stands out for the creative technical solutions it incorporates to overcome some challenging conditions.

Twin Baltic Sea pipelines boost flow of Russian gas to Europe
On April 18, Saipem’s laybarge Castoro Sei completed the final section of the second Nord Stream gas pipeline through the Baltic Sea.

Reevaluating the merits of smart wells
By definition, an intelligent well is one that has been equipped with instrumentation to monitor one or more well parameters, most likely temperature and pressure, plus some sort of servo-mechanism that can make changes based on the observations of the monitoring system.

Applying pressure surges for pipeline remediation
Small surges in pressure have typically been used for pipeline integrity management in applications such as leak detection. Large surges are more often viewed as an unwanted phenomenon.

Unused deepwater Gulf of Mexico processing capacity a value opportunity
Most of the processing capacity available in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico is unused, and there is some inherent value lying dormant.

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About Offshore Magazine:
Offshore provides a rich editorial blend of international news and technology for marine/offshore operations around the world. Topics covered include seismic services, exploration, drilling, production, processing, pipelining, operating problems and design solutions.

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