Offshore Magazine April 2014 Issue

Offshore Magazine 04/2014 cover Offshore magazine for April 2014 edition has been released. In this issue, you can read latest news on offshore oil and gas operations and deep offshore markets such as keeping deepwater operations economic, resident AUV system with subsea dock in development, managed pressure drilling meets challenges of deepwater well, Petrobras FPSOs queue up at SBM’s new Brasa yard, majors mass to reassess South Africa’s offshore plays and more.


Offshore Namibia shows hydrocarbon potential
To better understand the petroleum systems offshore Namibia, Petroleum Geo-Services, in association with NAMCOR, acquired two 2D surveys using the GeoStreamer with GeoSource dual-sensor broadband towed streamer system

Offshore at 60: Remembering the Creole field
On March 18, 1938, production of oil from a well drilled by Pure Oil and Superior Oil in the Gulf of Mexico marked the birth of the offshore industry. A look back at both the Creole platform and others that followed after World War II provides a glimpse of history in the making.

New DTS interpretation improves matrix acidizing offshore Mexico
The Schlumberger ACTive live downhole coiled tubing (CT) was selected for real-time treatment monitoring of subsequent matrix acidizing jobs. The ACTive CT services convey live downhole measurements on fiber-optics, telemetry-enabled CT, and consist of a bottomhole assembly, surface electronics and interpretation software.

Ice simulation software targets protection of Arctic platforms and substructures
To date, platforms for cold regions typically have been designed using empirically based codes for loadings, with ice formations being modeled at scale in an ice basin using certain design criteria. However, a tool that will accurately predict ice behavior, to calculate loadings, and simulate the flow of ice as it encroaches on and ideally passes by a platform structure without a dangerous build-up is needed.

Agnostic valve packs can assure ROV availability for subsea intervention
The success of intensive subsea interventions projects rests on three big elements: a work-class ROV, external kits, and the linking component between them — valve packs

Non-chemical products offer effective flow assurance solutions
The “2014 Survey of Offshore Non-Chemical Flow Assurance Solutions” poster provides a comprehensive list of non-chemical solutions to flow assurance issues, and offers updated reference tools and design data for deepwater field development.

Price of natural gas remains an issue for offshore production
These are interesting times. Here’s the United States, sitting on a humongous gas bubble, but without enough demand to sustain a decent price.

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About Offshore Magazine:
Offshore provides a rich editorial blend of international news and technology for marine/offshore operations around the world. Topics covered include seismic services, exploration, drilling, production, processing, pipelining, operating problems and design solutions.

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