Offshore Magazine April 2013 Issue

Offshore Magazine April 2013 coverOffshore magazine for April 2013 edition is now available. You can read latest news on offshore oil and gas operations and deep offshore markets through this issue.


Electrically trace-heated PIP system advances subsea development
Active heating technologies can significantly help solve flow assurance issues from the subsea wellheads up to the surface support facilities, in particular when dealing with viscous fluids, long subsea tiebacks; and for circumstances when the flowing conditions at wellhead outlet (pressure, temperature, flow rate) are getting critical with respect to risks associated with hydrate and/or wax appearance.

Measuring competition in the offshore drilling market
According to basic microeconomic theory, perfectly competitive industries are characterized by unrestricted entry and exit of firms, large numbers of firms, and undifferentiated (homogenous) services being offered.

All-electric industrial robot aims to improve quality, efficiency, safety
Drilling rigs, especially offshore rigs, have been steadily adding automated systems for more than a decade.
New rotary steerable systems enable maximum drilling efficiency
Readers will find several game changers in this year’s edition of Offshore’s annual Rotary Steerable Systems Survey. Rotary steerable systems (RSS) provide the best answer to geologic steering, or geosteering.

Advanced technologies propel new heavy lift systems
Vessel owners and heavy lift contractors have been building new vessels and incorporating new technologies in response to a greater level of offshore heavy lift demands and activities.

New pipe-in-pipe design ensures effective insulation
Increasing demand for energy, matched with high commodity prices and advances in technology, are driving operators to extract whatever reserves remain in the challenging UK continental shelf.

Rigless technology facilitates late-stage intervention
Increasingly, operators of mature offshore oilfields are searching for late-stage intervention solutions that can revitalize aging, marginal wells, bringing them back online to extend production.

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Offshore provides a rich editorial blend of international news and technology for marine/offshore operations around the world. Topics covered include seismic services, exploration, drilling, production, processing, pipelining, operating problems and design solutions.

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