Offshore Engineer (OE) Magazine July 2014 Issue

OE magazine 07/2014 The July issue of Offshore Engineer (OE) magazine will take a special look at remote technologies in oil and gas industry. Other articles cover floating LNG facilities, intelligent energy in action, drilling optimization offshore Sarawak and latest relevant news, authoritative and global perspective of the offshore oil and gas industry.


Automation can fulfill skills shortage remotely
How leveraging automation for remote condition monitoring can help increase productivity.

Analyzing wireless machine condition monitoring for offshore applications
Wireless technologies are a viable strategy for offshore operations in exploration and production.

Offshore drilling optimization
Key to the next generation of drilling optimization

Inflatable seals for critical offshore applications
The mechanics of inflatable seals and their applications

Global perspective on flow assurance
Flow assurance is set to play a fundamental role in solving major future industry challenges

Kenyan explorers look deeper offshore
Kenya’s offshore exploration history, and analyzes the country’s future

Tank support for the LNG revolution
A modern descendant of the first shipping containment system could become a key technology carrying gas transport and trading into tomorrow.

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Geographic Eligibility: USA, Canada, Mexico, Selected International

About Offshore Engineer (OE) Magazine:
Offshore Engineer (OE) provides a relevant authoritative and global perspective of the offshore oil and gas industry. The magazine is dedicated for professional in offshore oil and gas industry. Each monthly, reader can get latest news on technology and innovative techniques being deployed worldwide to overcome complex operational challenges and address regional and environmental concerns in the areas of exploration, drilling, completion and production.

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