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Points of view: Multidimensional data
Visually organize complex data by mapping them onto familiar representations of biological systems.

Another transistor-based revolution: on-chip qPCR
More than 40 years after the invention of semiconductor pH microtransducers known as ISFETs, this transistor-based technology may revolutionize quantitative PCR.

Embryos under the X-ray
X-ray imaging using synchrotron radiation reveals the cellular choreography of a developing frog embryo in spectacular detail.

Fly walk
Two methodological advances enable tracking of the walking behavior of fruit flies at single-leg resolution.

Matching marks with mechanisms
Reagents that recognize specific chemical modifications while ignoring the surrounding protein offer valuable proteomic insights.

Human stem cells from cloned embryos
Methodological optimization makes possible the long-awaited derivation of human embryonic stem cells from embryos obtained with somatic cell nuclear transfer.

Peptides aplenty
A large library of peptides and phosphopeptides, along with their tandem mass spectra, serves as a resource for the proteomics field.

Assembling genomes in microbial communities
Binning based on differential read coverage, rather than sequence composition, allows separation of metagenomic sequence reads into species-level clusters that can be assembled into single chromosomes.

Free Subscription to Nature Methods Magazine July 2013

About Nature Methods Magazine:
Nature Methods provides techniques for life scientists and chemists. The publication is dedicated to publishing novel methods together with significant advances to tried and tested techniques allowing researchers to perform faster, better and more efficient experimental research.

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