Nature Methods Magazine April 2012

Cover Nature MethodsNature Methods magazine for April 2012 edition has been released. You can read latest news and techniques for life scientists and chemists in this issue. Here are feature articles for this month.

A ‘nano’ era for electrophysiology
Researchers in three independent laboratories develop nanoscale devices for network-level electrophysiology.

A nanopore workhorse
Voltage-driven and enzyme-regulated control allows precise ratcheting of a DNA strand in and out of a nanopore.

In-depth functional dissection of enhancers
Massively parallel reporter assays enable the functional dissection of enhancer sequences in cells and in vivo.

Rare variants and the power of association
Statistical methods vary widely in the power to predict which rare genetic sequence variants are functional.

siRNA as a sponge
New nanostructure delivers potent dose of short interfering RNA

A thermometer for cells
A small chemical probe allows detailed spatial imaging of the temperature in single cells.

Magnetic yeast
Manipulating either culture conditions or genes can precipitate iron particles in yeast cells and render them magnetic.

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About Nature Methods Magazine :
Nature Methods is main publication dedicated to publishing novel methods together with significant advances to tried and tested techniques allowing researchers to perform faster, better and more efficient experimental research.

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