Military And Aerospace Electronics April 2014 Issue

Military & Aerospace Electronics magazine 04/2014 cover Get your free subscription to Military And Aerospace Electronics magazine April 2014. In this issue, you can read latest news, development and production on military and aerospace electronic systems design. Special report for current issue is Sensor fusion heads for the field — Researchers from military, corporate, and college laboratories are combining their skills to solve the problems of information overload and incomplete and missing information.


Powering and cooling embedded electronics
Engineers tap the power of commercial processors while combating power and thermal challenges with modern electronics.

Connector designers innovate to solve SWaP issues
Military systems designers today are obsessed with shrinking component size, weight, and power (SWaP). Connector and cable manufacturers-no small contributor to SWaP on military vehicles-are stepping up to the challenge in a variety of approaches.

SRCTec to build ground-based radars to enable UAVs to sense and avoid other aircraft
U.S. Army surveillance experts are asking SRCTec Inc. in Syracuse, N.Y., to provide ground-based radar systems that enable military officials to operate unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in controlled civil airspace without a chase plane or ground observer.

The new era of microelectronics development for military applications
With the stakes for achieving superior systems integration continuing to rise, even as military budgets shrink, change is in the air for how military and aerospace companies will meet the need for ever-improving electronics.

Networking: Rugged COM Express Ethernet switch
Diamond Systems Corp. in Mountain View, Calif., is introducing the Epsilon-12G2 rugged managed Layer 2+ Ethernet switch COM Express module for rugged military, on-vehicle, and industrial applications.

RF ICS: E-band MMIC power detector for communications, test, sensors, and RF detection
Hittite Microwave Corp. in Chelmsford, Mass., is introducing the HMC7447 E-band MMIC power detector for RF and microwave applications in communications systems, test equipment, sensors, and general-purpose RF detection over the 71 to 86 GHz frequency range.

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About Military & Aerospace Electronics Magazine:
Military & Aerospace Electronics magazine is published exclusively for engineering managers and engineers involved with military and aerospace electronic systems design, development and production. It covers topics such as Navigation/Guidance, Avionics, Missile Systems, Communication Systems, Electronic Warfare, Simulation/ Training Systems, Unmanned Vehicles, Nanotechnology, Biometrics, Homeland Security, Shipboard Electronics, Reconnaissance Equipment.

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