Marine Log Magazine January 2014 Issue

Marine Log 1/2014 edition - Free subscription. New edition of Marine Log magazine is now available. In January 2014 issue, you can get latest news and technology on commercial marine industry. Here are feature articles for this month.


The amazing transformation of Harvey Gulf International Marine
HGIM has transformed itself from a family-owned marine transportation and towing operator into a dynamic, trend-setting player in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico deepwater market

FEA aids Deepwater Horizon failure forensics
DNV uses Abaqus FEA software from SIMULIA to study blowout scenarios

Slow steaming, fuel sulfur limits present lubrication challenges
Switching marine engines that are designed to run on residual fuels to distillate fuel brings with it another set of challenges

Tweak above and below waterline offer significant energy savings
An innovative superstructure, like the Aero-Citadel, can lower fuel consumption and increase a ship’s security

It’s the little things that matter
A systematic and structured approach to human system integration will help to minimize the opportunities for error

Delivering heroics: Government agencies add workhorses
The New York City Police Department, along with the U.S. Coast Guard, added new patrol vessels to its fleet; meanwhile the U.S. Navy and Army placed orders.

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About Marine Log Magazine:
Marine Log provides information needed by marine industry professionals to help them to design, rigs and offshore structures, build and operates vessels, profitably, safely, legally and in an environmentally responsible manner.

The publication serves the fields of vessel operations, ownership and management; shipyards and ship repair yards; naval architectural firms, marine engineering firms, marine consultants; port authorities and terminals; Navy, Coast Guard and other governmental agencies operating vessels; marine finance, marine insurance and maritime law.

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