Machine Design May 2014 Issue

Machine Design Magazine 05/2014 edition - free subscriptionHere is new edition of Machine Design magazine May 2014. In this issue, you can read latest news on machine engineering, applications, in-depth technical information, new products and vendor information such as sensor sense: wirelessly send power and signals, direct-drive radial-piston motor, electronic latch resists corrosion and the outdoors and more.


2014 Indy 500: A year of transition
Rules and regulations are being tailored for faster races in the upcoming years.

Software Techniques Predict Torsional Vibration
Lumped-mass models can be combined with experimental measurements for vibration analysis. By applying such models using a tool such as MapleSim, designer can address a wide variety of vibration problems.

How to Smooth 3D-Printed Parts
Sanding, bead blasting, and vapor smoothing are the most widely used methods for smoothing plastic 3D-printed parts.

Solar Modules For Beaming Power To Earth
A researcher at the Naval Research Laboratory has constructed a module designed to be put in orbit around Earth and collect solar power, transform it into microwaves, and transmit them to Earth where they would be converted to usable electricity

Low-Cost Servomotors Include Encoder, Drive, and Controller
ClearPath servomotors from Teknic Inc., Rochester, N.Y., combine a high-performance servomotor, optical encoder, brushless sine-wave servo drive, and motion controller into a compact package.

Machine Design Magazine May 2014 – Free Subscription

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About Machine Design Magazine:
Machine Design provided the news, applications, in-depth technical information, new products and vendor information engineers need and trust. It is written and edited for the individuals who perform a design engineering function.

The magazine provides technical information in the following areas: Design and development, how-to, in-depth technical articles; Current technical news coverage; Ideas, examples of how someone else solved a design problem; Personal, professional and management information; and Commercial assistance by means of new product announcements and manufacturers literature listings.

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