Lightwave Magazine May-June 2013 Issue

Free subscription to Lightwave magazine may june 2013 issueHere is new edition of Lightwave Design magazine May-June 2013. In this issue, you can read latest news on optical communications technology, applications, and industry trend information.


Six considerations for optimizing the cloud network
Network operators likely will find that traditional approaches won’t keep pace with emerging cloud-based services requirements.

Reducing the cost of broadband by lowering data-center footprint
With data-center space at a premium – and expensive – designers and managers must find new ways to maximize the efficiency of their floor plans.

100G reaches the metro
Metro networks weren’t the first applications of 100-Gbps technology.

FREE subscription to Lightwave Magazine May-June 2013

Geographic Eligibility: USA, Canada, Mexico, and Selected International

About Lightwave Magazine:
Lightwave is the leading source worldwide for optical communications technology, applications, and industry trend information, delivering in-depth technical features and related product information focused on the evolving optical communications market. Lightwave magazine is essential reading for Carrier/Service providers, Manufacturers and End Users.

Through their integrated media portfolio, Lightwave delivers content focused on fiber optics and optoelectronics, the technologies that enable the growth, integration and improved performance of voice, data and video communications networks and services. Their experienced editorial team provides trusted technology, application and market insights to corporate executives, department heads, project managers, network engineers and technical managers at equipment suppliers, service providers and major end-user organizations.

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