LEDs Magazine January 2011

LEDs Magazine January 2011New LEDs magazine for December 2010 and January 2011 edition has been published. The magazine comes with global information source on the technology and applications of LEDs. Here is the feature article for current issues,

LED lighting at the crossroads: country road or expressway?
The LED lighting industry faces five major roadblocks, but if these can be overcome then the market will be able to accelerate rapidly, say FLORIAN WUNDERLICH, DOMINIK WEE and OLIVER VOGLER.

Strategies in Light Europe addresses market adoption of LED lighting
Part 1 of our report from the 2010 Strategies in Light Europe conference describes the activities of the European lighting industry, the rise of LED modules, and how LED lighting is shaping the future of light. TIM WHITAKER reports.

LED momentum builds at annual Street and Area Lighting Conference
Presentations at the IES Street and Area Lighting Conference were predominantly centered on LEDs, and there were first-hand opportunities to view SSL installations, reports MAURY WRIGHT..

Non-directional luminaires require new testing procedures for LED light engines
In his latest column on standards, JIANZHONG JIAO explains why changes to the Energy Star program will require new standardized procedures to evaluate the performance of LED light engines.

LED product safety standard requires ongoing updates
The UL 8750 product-safety standard has established a set of requirements for LED-based lighting products and the components needed to operate them. However, maintaining the standard during this period of rapid technological advancement is a daunting task, says TOM BLEWITT.

Networks layers pave the way to adaptive lighting controls
Adaptive lighting control systems will be key to maximizing the energy efficiency of SSL, and network technology will form the foundation for such intelligent lighting systems, says Maury Wright.

Intelligent lighting systems drive radical energy efficiency
LED-based SSL can deliver significant energy savings relative to legacy light sources. And as Brian Chemel describes, the savings are compounded substantially with the addition of controls, resulting in an intelligent lighting system.

Miniature spectrometers address challenges of LED research and production
Miniature, portable spectrometer systems can provide accurate in-situ measurements and analysis of LED light sources for a variety applications, including horticulture, according to Jason Eichenholz, Marco Snikkers and Dennis Schulmerich.

Merger of measurement companies brings integrating-sphere expertise under one roof
Labsphere and SphereOptics, two US-based LED metrology companies, merged earlier this year and are now operating as part of Halma, a holding company that is eyeing further acquisitions, as KEVIN CHITTIM and DAVID LEIGHTY explain.

Thermal protection in LED driver circuit boosts reliability
Despite an efficiency advantage over other light sources, LEDs can still suffer reliability issues if all parts of the lighting system, including the driver, aren’t properly protected from over-temperature situations, says STEVE ROBERTS.

System compatibility testing improves reliability of LED lighting devices and systems
In the second article in his series on compatibility and reliability, PHILIP KEEBLER explains how the concept of system compatibility was developed and how it applies to today’s electronic lighting products.

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