LEDs Magazine August 2011

LEDs magazine cover august 2011LEDs magazine for August 2011 edition has been released. You can read latest news on technical articles, case studies, application notes, product information in LED industry. Here are feature articles for this month.

Japan’s Eco-point Program transforms market for LED lamps
A government-sponsored program in Japan could serve as a model for other countries seeking to transform their domestic retail market for LED lamps, explains PHILIP JESSUP.

Building blocks of intelligent lighting design help create successful LED products
Engineers working on LED-based designs need to make the right decisions when faced with some basic building-block questions to yield successful, intelligent SSL products, explains GAVIN HESSE.

ANSI evaluates revisions to SSL chromaticity standard
A working group within ANSI is evaluating ways to improve an existing standard that defines how to communicate the chromaticity of white-light SSL products to end users, explains JIANZHONG JIAO.

Linear and A-lamp LED products dominate LFI
Lightfair 2011 delivered LED-based lighting innovation in many forms. A-lamp and linear products took center stage, while new outdoor-lighting fixtures and modular SSL products also emerged. Impressive general-illumination OLED products were again on display although aren’t yet shipping in volume, while other approaches to planar lighting appear close to fruition, reports MAURY WRIGHT.

LED lighting enables economical cruising for giant passenger ships
LEDs for lighting solutions are gaining increasing importance in the shipping industry, based on their energy-saving potential and long service life. But the application places stringent demands on the quality of LED lighting, writes UWE HOCK.

Wired and wireless interfaces convey dimming settings to luminaires
Wireless networks such as Zigbee, wired digital standards such as DALI and DMX, and analog 0-10V dimming can all contribute to energy efficiency and better lighting, says DAVID COOPER.

Thick-film technology with aluminum substrates optimizes LED assembly
Thick-film insulation in combination with aluminum substrates provides a low-cost method of LED circuit assembly with good thermal management, says ANITA LAFOND.

LED-based poster-box reference design overcomes optical and cost challenges
LEDs can be used to replace fluorescent tubes in advertising poster boxes, offering long-term savings in energy and maintenance costs, which are set against the higher up-front cost of the LED system, explains MATTHIAS SCHMIDER.

LED lighting and control systems evolve for optimal efficacy
New SSL system designs and control architectures will allow LED-based lighting to better realize the efficacy potential of the technology, explains JOE DENICHOLAS.

The time for intelligent LED-based lighting systems is now
LED–based light sources are uniquely controllable, and intelligent SSL systems with adaptive controls can greatly enhance energy savings, so what are we waiting for, asks MAURY WRIGHT?

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